Peach Cobbler Jam

Peach Cobbler Jam


Ingredients: Peaches, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, amaretto flavoring, citric acid, 

Delicious Solutions to Serious Social Problems
The Serious problems
O-Town Kitchen is a company in Ogden, UT designed to create an impact in our community. We learned that 45% of Utah’s homeless population is families, 77% of those families are moms and kids and nationwide the leading cause of a family experiencing homelessness is unemployed parents. On the flip side every year in the us we waste 161.6 Billion dollars of edible food. So we started thinking “if we could only get the value of that food into the bank accounts of parents in crisis it could make a huge impact.”

Delicious solutions.
We started a jam company to give real paying jobs to moms in crisis situations (homelessness, recovering from domestic or substance abuse, traumatic illnesses) to create our unique jams and whenever possible we source our ingredients from the surplus produce of markets, farms, gardens and other places in our community. This is how we’ve created waste into opportunities for families.  

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